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Have you ever dreamt about financial freedom?

If you're ready to start an online business that can generate between $1,000 - $10,000 every month, passively building your wealth then this program is for you.

I spent the last 15 years and over two-million dollars ($2,000,000) developing the skills needed to build life changing wealth through launching successful turn-key eCommerce start up businesses in less than 30 days.

Now I want to share that knowledge with you.

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Start your online business today

Since 2016, I’ve taught over 1,000 entrepreneurs how to make $1000-$10,000 a month from selling their products and services on their websites.

Here's the crazy part, that’s still not enough! There are millions of businesses who haven’t “figured out” e-Commerce.

In this course, you’ll learn how to master everything you need to know to build your e-Commerce website and connect with your customers to start making sales right away.
I'm ready to start!

Course Syllabus

Academic Integrity

I have developed a simple step-by-step course that anyone can use to create an online business and market it successfully.
In this course, I will hold you to the high standard of academic integrity expected of all students at Easy StartUp. I do this for two reasons:

First, it is essential to the learning process that you are the one doing the work. I have structured the assignments in this course to enable you to gain a mastery of the course material. Failing to do the work yourself will result in a lesser understanding of the content, and therefore a less meaningful education for you.

Second, it is important that there be a level playing field for all students in this course so that the integrity of EasyStartUp's educational program is maintained.

Learning Outcomes


What students should be able to do by the time the course is completed.


What students should know and understand by the time the course is completed.


What the students’ opinions will be about the subject matter of the course by the time it is completed.

Cognitive Learning Taxonomy

Judge: To be able to critically evaluate multiple solutions and select an optimum solution

Solve: Characterize, analyze, and synthesize to model a system (provide appropriate assumptions)

Explain: Be able to state the outcome/concept in their own words

Compute: Follow rules and procedures (substitute quantities correctly into equations and arrive at a correct result, Plug & Chug)

Define: State the definition of the concept or is able to describe in a qualitative or quantitative manner
Made available by: Diane Soderholm, Ph.D., Instructional Designer MIT Department of Aeronautics & Astronautics 2005

Knowledge is Power

Are you worth investing in?

An investment into your self pays the best dividends.

This course is about creating long term wealth by helping small businesses use social media to convert followers, subscribers and fans into sales on their website.
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What you'll learn

  • You’re given step-by-step instructions for starting an online e-Commerce business.

  • You’ll discover the basics of monetizing social media and starting your own website.

  • You’ll learn advanced SEO strategies used for getting first page rankings on search engines like google.

  • Finally - You'll learn how hundreds of students are making $1,000 - $10,000 per month.

Whether you're a brick-and-mortar veteran or just getting started, this do-it-yourself training program empowers you to build a website, launch your online business, and start making sales right away.

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