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How it works

Opening your mystery box can be done in 3 easy steps.

  • Pick a Box

    Browse through our curated collection of mystery boxes containing thosuands of authenthic items and pick the ones you want.

  • Unbox your Item

    Our boxes show what item you could get from unboxing it. You can even see what chances you have for a drop of each item.

  • Ship your items

    Once you unbox your item, you can ship it or exchange it back for credits if you don’t like the item. Use credits to purchase new boxes or items from the marketplace.


Our Guaranteed Value system ensures that you always unbox a product worth more than the price of your box.
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We consider resale as a smart and sustainable approach to fashion. Shop our carefully curated catalogue.
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Join thousands of fashion enthusiasts around the world and get started opening your mystery box today.

Kylie V.

I heard about this site from YouTube and let me tell you, THANK GOD! On my very first mystery box I got a pair of boots from Bottega Veneta.

Alex L.

This isn't my first mystery box, I spent around $300 but the CDG x Supreme Box Logo I got was worth more than that.

Lisa C.

A friend introduced me to this site, I decided to give it a try and so far I have only got a pair of Yeezys.

Henry R.

Everything was really easy to understand. The items I unboxed arrived to my house in about 10 days. Fast shipping.

Jared M.

I earned over $7,000 from selling the items I unboxed on easystartup. Thank u guys so much.

Quang N.

I'm totally addicted, I've opened over 10 mystery boxes already and take my word for it, everything I opened was worth it!

Becca R.

I've already made a 5x return on my investment. Seriously, you guys should be charging more money for these mystery boxes.

Brad G.

I'm a full time re-seller, EasyStartUp has become one of my go-to places. Their guaranteed value system makes the boxes a solid investment.


All items are guaranteed to be 100% authentic.

Our dedicated authentication team carefully legit checks every item to guarantee authenticity.

Our Promise

Value & authenticity, guaranteed.
Don't Settle for less
Unbox products worth more than the price you pay for the box 100% of the time.
Verified authentic, always
All high-tier products are independently reviewed and verified by a dedicated team, to guarantee authenticity.

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    Do you want to be friends? Let's connect

    Let's stay in touch to keep you updated
    with the latest trends and freebies
    to help your online business grow.